When it comes packing, storing and transporting industrials goods, finding a single solution that can handle all types of goods and which has multi-functional uses might seem impossible. However, Twinplast can provide you with a solution that can do all this, and more.

Corrugated polypropylene is a low cost, robust and lightweight product that can be used for multiple industrial applications as an alternative to LDPE/HDPE, fibre board or wood.

As the UK’s only dedicated manufacturer, we produce an extensive choice of durable, long-life solutions for industrial uses that offer wide-ranging benefits. 

Sustainable, weatherproof, reusable and recyclable, our tough corrugated polypropylene flat sheets can be used as pallet covers and dividers, or as protective coverings for both indoor and outdoor use.

Our in-house technology enables us to produce made-to-order solutions that will enhance industrial processes. We produce pick, tote and waste bins of all sizes, shapes and colours, along with nesting, stacking and racking solutions that can be tailored to suit most manufacturing locations and uses. Colour coding of materials and high-quality printing offers permanent identification of products for quick visual location.

Twinplast can increase the gauge and GSM of the polypropylene sheet in production, allowing customers to enhance their packaging and store and ship all types of industrial goods, from small parts to heavy industrial goods.

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