Corrugated Packaging: Paper or Polypropylene – A Choice To Be Made

Apr 29, 2024 | Packaging | 0 comments

With raw material prices continuing to rise as never before and still many supply chain issues continuing after the disruptions of Covid compounded by the more recent unrest in Eastern Europe, maybe now is the time for multi-use packaging in many applications.

Where the application is single use and non-returnable corrugated cardboard is always likely to hold the economical edge, however in closed loop logistics or applications where packaging can be returned and re-used more and more companies are discovering the versatility of corrugated polypropylene. Don Parr, Sales and Marketing Director of Twinplast comments, “we are seeing a surge of enquiries across the retail, logistics and manufacturing sectors with businesses looking for sustainable long term solutions as buyers become aware of what can be achieved with corrugate polypropylene”

Today, thousands of different products including medical vials and components, ESD sensitive electronic components, automotive parts, and products that require cold storage (medical and food), are all stored, shipped, and handled using corrugated plastic.

So, how about the economics? A reusable/returnable corrugated pp container which could cost several times its standard corrugated paper competition, lasting typically 40 times (often even more) longer will actually achieve a substantial reduction in actual through-life cost. Of course, it must be for a reusable, returnable application,it then makes economical and environmental sense and is more than just expensive packaging!

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