Product Protection

Polypropylene product protection from Twinplast ensures the safety and longevity of items by providing tailored solutions with advanced finishes that cater to changing demands. Our solutions include anti-microbial, UV stabiliser, anti-static, and fire retardant finishes, each designed to enhance the performance and durability of the products they protect.

Benefits of Polypropylene Product Protection

Anti-Microbial Finish on Corrugated PP

Applying an anti-microbial coating to our range of product protection items inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on contact surfaces, maintaining hygiene and preventing contamination, perfect in industries such as healthcare and food storage.

UV Stabiliser Finish on Corrugated PP

The Twinplast UV Stabiliser Finish protects products from the harmful exposure to ultra-violet rays, working towards preventing discolouration and material degradation, which is essential for items exposed to sunlight over time.

Anti-Static Finish on Corrugated PP

The anti-static finish reduces electricity build-up, preventing dust attraction and minimises the risk of electrical shocks, crucial for protecting electronic components during storage or transportation.

Fire Retardant (HalFRee) Finish on Corrugated PP

The Twinplast Fire Retardant solution provides an additional layer of safety by reducing the risk of fire and minimising damage in case of exposure to flames, ideal for use in environments where fire is a possible safety concern.

Bespoke Product Protection Solutions

In addition to offering top-tier protection solutions, our technical sales team is dedicated to assisting with any design challenges you may encounter. We deliver innovative design solutions, technical expertise, and prototype creation to ensure the final product meets your specifications. We prioritize maintaining a safe working environment, protecting your fittings, and ensuring your products are delivered in pristine condition. Our commitment to quality prevents costly returns and consequential loss claims. Trust in our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction to keep your products well-protected.

Industries We Protect

  • Pharmaceutical Equipment: Ensures sterility and prevents microbial contamination.
  • Glass/China Boxes and Dividers: Protects delicate items from breakage and scratching during transport.
  • Pallet Covers and Layer Pads: Secures goods on pallets, preventing movement and damage during transit.
  • Dividers/Partitions/Separators: Organises and protects items within larger containers, reducing the risk of collision and breakage.
  • Automotive Components: Shields parts from dust, static, and potential damage during assembly and transport.
  • Electrical or Computer Components: Prevents static build-up and physical damage, ensuring the integrity of sensitive electronics.
  • Fragile or Heavy Goods Packaging: Provides robust protection for items that are either delicate or require additional support due to their weight.
  • Floors/Carpets/Worktops/Sanitary Equipment: Guards surfaces against scratches, spills, and other types of damage, maintaining their appearance and functionality.
  • Van Liners: Protects the interior of vans from damage caused by transported goods, preserving the vehicle’s condition.

For more information on how polypropylene product protection can benefit your goods or to discuss a specific project, please get in touch with our technical sales team.

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