Printing on Corrugated Polypropylene

One of the many valuable services that Twinplast offers printing on to our corrugated polypropylene. Our in-house capabilities enable our customers to add all kinds of graphics, images, messages and bespoke finishes to their products. And, as our solutions are designed for long-life, they can be used over and over until they are ready for recycling.

Our design team can apply graphics that are directly supplied, or we can design your print graphics for you. We print flexo online and offline and have a dedicated external partner capable of printing complex silk screen graphics. Depending on the type of graphics and the specification of use, we will choose the ideal printing method to give you the best quality finish. Our methods include:

Online Printing (Flexo)

This is the most common form of printing used within the corrugated plastic sheeting industry. Using water based and solvent inks, 1 or 2 colours are printed directly onto the boards.  A cost effective and extremely valuable form of advertising and a great opportunity to strengthen your company brand.

Offline Printing (Flexo)

Using water based and solvent inks, 4 colours are printed directly onto the boards, making it an extremely valuable form of advertising and a great opportunity to strengthen your company brand.

Screen Printing

Ideal for printing large solid areas of colour, 4 colour print option available. Water based inks are used in a process which transfers the inks through open areas of a special fine meshed screen. Ideal for branded promotional, display or packaging material.

Digital Printing

A relatively new process where an image is sent directly to a printer; multiple tiny nozzles spray ink forming the characters and images. Ideal for branded promotional, display or packaging material.

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