The Versatile Packaging Material

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What is Polypropylene Used For?

What products can be made from polypropylene? As the most common thermoplastics in the world, the uses of polypropylene are quite extensive. The benefits range greatly from packaging, developing plastic parts for machinery and equipment, and is even used in fabric/textile development. For some more example-driven insight, here are some examples of the great products we have produced here at Twinplast.

What are the Properties and Advantages of Polypropylene?

The best part is that regardless of the size and usage, this material offers incredible benefits that make it so widely used.

  • Highly resistant to water and most chemicals including solvents
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and chemical leaching
  • Malleable and fatigue resistant
  • Resists freezing, can function to -20C
  • Can be moulded into most desired shapes and remoulded several times without degradation
  • Has electrical insulation properties
  • High tensile strength, as it can withstand 4800 psi.
  • Lower density compared to other plastics, which saves money due to low weigh

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