Time to try a different layer sheet?

Apr 30, 2024 | Packaging | 0 comments

With in excess of 3 million pallets movements per month in the UK, the impact of reusable pallet layer pads can be significant.

Although single use paper and cardboard solutions are easily recycled this is not without cost in terms of both time and energy used. Where logistically a return and reuse process is possible, polypropylene layer sheets can start to show a saving after just a few uses.

Here at Twinplast we are offering 10% discount on a pallet of 500 layer sheets for the rest of August, so there is no better time to give them a try!

What’s more our black layer sheets are made using more than 30% recycled material so no Plastic Packaging Tax to pay!

Email QUOTEMEAPALLET with your delivery postcode to sales@twinplast.co.uk, or fill the form below and we will send you a quote right back!

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