Twinplast Supply Sanitation Components To Support Global Humanitarian Projects

Jun 7, 2024 | Uncategorised

Twinplast’s corrugated polypropylene products are being used to support humanitarian projects on a global basis as part of sanitation facilities manufactured by leading supplier, Dunster House Ltd.

Utilising their expertise in design and manufacturing, Dunster House developed their Raised Latrine as a sanitation solution for disaster relief in urban areas or locations with a high-water table, particularly in emergency situations where excavation to build a pit latrine is dangerous or unsuitable. The company currently supplies the system for major NGOs providing humanitarian aid in various countries, including South Sudan, Central African Republic, Tanzania, Malawi, Uganda, and Iraq.

Dunster House’s Raised Latrine is supplied in a single kit consisting of two superstructures, a waste tank, a platform and a set of stairs with handrails. Twinplast’s corrugated polypropylene boards are included in the kit to provide the doors and walls of the latrine, as well as the sides and the base of the waste tank, helping to prevent any damage to the internal PVC liners.

Dunster House’s design takes into consideration the importance of efficient use space for shipping, providing a solution that is easy to store and transport in flat packs. It uses materials which are lightweight for efficient, cost-effective logistics and fast installation to ease construction work in emergency situations and often adverse conditions. Lightweight yet robust and inherently weatherproof, Twinplast’s corrugated polypropylene is ideally suited to meet these requirements without compromising durability and performance. The material is low maintenance, easy to clean, exceptionally water resistant and UV-stable to withstand the effects of intense exposure to sunlight.

Twinplast’s corrugated polypropylene is regarded as the most environmentally friendly plastic currently available, supporting the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis which is increasingly causing humanitarian crises across the world. The material is reusable and can be recycled through normal recycling channels. Any excess raw material at Twinplast’s factory is automatically recycled through the company’s own internal process waste technology.

Toby Garrett, managing director at Twinplast, said:

“We are proud to support Dunster House in providing solutions for the vital humanitarian work of national and international charities and organisations in crisis-hit regions. Each year, around 829,000 people die from diseases directly attributable to unsafe water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene practices. This equipment is designed to provide safe sanitation that prevents contamination and the spread of deadly diseases. It is having a life-changing impact and in many cases a life-saving impact.”

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